Three  Fat Figures, by Norman Gorbaty, Amer., (1932-2020)

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Three Fat Figures, by Norman Gorbaty, Amer., (1932-2020)

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Bistre Pen and Ink Drawing, no date, 13-13/16 x 17-3/4, sheet 16 x 21, unsigned, on a full sheet of cream laid WORTHY watermarked paper. A forceful and candid figure drawing by this distinguished master draftsman, who was equally at home with drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. A student of Gabor Peterdi, Albers and Louis Kahn at Yale, Gorbaty forged a successful career as illustrator and graphic designer while raising a family. He never stopped working, At age 87 after a tragic fire which destroyed his home and studio he'd begun to draw again until an illness and his passing in 2020. Gorbaty's penetrating analysis of form is always evident in his decades long series of full sheet ink drawings, as in this present rhythmic repeated figure study.