Robert Anning-Bell Herodias

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"Herodias" by Robert Anning-Bell, Eng. (1863-1933)

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Color Lithograph, 1896, Large edition as published in The International Studio, Vol. 8, 1896, 8-3/4 x 5-7/8, signed in the block, with "The Studio" blindstamp, on warm white laid paper. A Beardsleyesque design, but the distinctive color harmony here affirms Anning-Bell's individuality, and goes a long way in  broadening this macarbre subject's appeal. Though published in The Studio in a large edition, I've not run across the Anning-Bell with the frequency of Whistler's "The Smith's Yard", amply preserved due to the latter's fame and active market. Scarce or not, when we're talking "Heads on a Platter", this graphically striking Anning-Bell gets my vote.