Maurice R. Bebb Cedar Waxwing

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"Cedar Waxwing" by Maurice R. Bebb, Amer., (1891-1986)

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Etching & Aquatint printed in color, 1962, ed. ca. 70, 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, signed and titled in pencil, printed on cream colored satin. Pristine. Maurice Bebb had a career as a florist, and did not begin to draw until he was in his 50's. Self taught, he received encouragement from established artist-members of the Prairie Print Makers, an organization Bebb later joined. His fascination and knowledge of the mid-western birds he portrayed are realized with consummate skill in the difficult medium of color aquatint. Here he portrays a Cedar Waxwing plucking bright red serviceberries to eat. The cream colored satin "flashes" as one walks by the print, adding a "flutter" of life to it's subject.