Misch Kohn Tiger

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"Tiger" by Misch Kohn, Amer., (1916-2003)

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Wood Engraving, 1949, ed. 30, H. 138, 16-3/8 x 23-5/8, signed and titled in pencil, on thin grayish white laid chine /india paper. The delicate paper chosen for this image has proven to be fragile, thus contributing to the relative rarity of the image today. Intending to print an edition of 15, The block cracked after the first print was pulled. Kohn added 6 more impressions to make 21, then later printed 9 more for the total edition of 30. There are two thin strips of masking tape at the ample top margin edge, well away from the image. There is a small water stain outside the upper left image corner, a professionally repaired one inch vertical weakness in the sheet along the block mark and at the mat line. The lower left corner tip is clipped, and the bottom margin may be trimmed. There are two small diagonal printing creases in the image lower left, and a very faint mat line. Unusually large for a wood engraving, "Tiger" is Misch Kohn's most famous and widely illustrated print, held in many museum collections. "Tiger" is a masterpiece of American 20th century wood engraving, in a rather small edition. SOLD