Leon Underwood Simian Ecstacy

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"Simian Ecstasy" by Leon Underwood, Eng., (1890-1975)

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Wood Engraving, 1933, ed. 250, 7-1/2 x 4-5/16, signed, titled & numbered in pencil, on smooth cream NORMANDY VELLUM paper, soft fold to top left corner, a few soft folds to the outer margins, well away from subject. Leon Underwood was a rennaissance man, a scholar of African & Cycladic art, a visionary modern sculptor, painter, draftsman and wood engraver, who counted among hs students Henry Moore, Gertrude Hermes and Blair Hughes Stanton. "Simian Ecstasy" is Underwood's witty portrayal of George Bernard Shaw, who's strong personality and views seem to have inspired satirical portraits by more than one distinguished artist. In respnse to questions about the source of his far ranging creative successes, Underwood  is credited with saying "The ravens fed me..."